How to Make Squash Risotto with Jumbo Shrimp

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chefs Rob Carson and Paolo Buffa demonstrate how to make squash risotto with jumbo shrimp.

    Rob Carson: Hi guys, I am Rob Carson and we are in my kitchen today and we are graced with the presence of Paolo Buffa from Bice Ristorante in Bethesda a worldwide chain of Italian restaurants. Tell us what you guys specialize in the Bice?

    Paolo Buffa: Okay we are specialized in Northern Italian cuisine mostly, veal fishes risotto and pasta, home made pasta, amazing pasta. The quality of the flour that we use it's outstanding and the result may now you tell them? Rob Carson: And I have eaten it. He knows what he is talking about. So today we got it -- we are doing a couple of things. Why don't you tell us what we are cooking today?

    Paolo Buffa: Oh today we are going to cook our risotto with acorn squash, that's an corn squash, just about in season.

    Rob Carson: So what tools are we going to need today?

    Paolo Buffa: Basically, we need a big knife and sharp.

    Rob Carson: And by the way that is a big knife. Well wow!

    Paolo Buffa: Anyway, a small knife. Thank you Rob. I don't know what he is doing. Rob Carson: Okay.

    Paolo Buffa: Butter, little bit of chopped shallots, grated parmesan cheese and the shrimp and I like to use a little bit of Spanish saffron to give a nice color. Saffron is a beautiful spice, it is amazing. Rob Carson: It's very expensive. Paolo Buffa: Of course, yeah and expensive and of course the main thing will be the risotto in our arborio rice. Rob Carson: Alright and obviously a cutting board as well. So let's get started with one of these. Show us how to do it.

    Paolo Buffa: Well okay basically you want to make a base. Rob Carson: So it will sit up. Paolo Buffa: We cut on both sides, exactly. So just a little bit like this, not too much, just like that. So it stands perfect and then on the other side you cut just about like two third off. Rob Carson: so you will have a nice deep dash? Paolo Buffa: Absolutely. Rob Carson: Well that's going to be really good. I can tell the with the -- I like edible balls.

    Paolo Buffa: Alright, now you have your acorn squash, but remember you have to take out the seeds for sure. So we need the small knife. Rob Carson: Alright.

    Paolo Buffa: You are going to carve a little bit here. Just like that.

    Rob Carson: Just like you do in a pumpkin.

    Paolo Buffa: Just in a pumpkin, I am going all through this. Very good,very nice.

    Rob Carson: Yes excellent.

    Paolo Buffa: Then with the use of a spoon.

    Rob Carson: Oh yeah cool.

    Paolo Buffa: Just take all the seeds out. Nice.

    Rob Carson: Now we are going to be roasting this in an oven, right?

    Paolo Buffa: Yeah we are going to be roasting in 350 for just about 35 to 40 minutes. As you can see the shell is very and it like an inch or an inch and a quarter deep so it takes about like 40 minutes.

    Rob Carson: We are going to do what butter in there?

    Paolo Buffa: Yeah we are going to put a little bit of butter, salt, pepper and a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil. Rob Carson: Okay cool and that's about it. I want to try one. Can I try one?

    Paolo Buffa: Yes you may.

    Rob Carson: Do you mind? I have never had a knife this big. I mean, now that's a knife.

    Paolo Buffa: So here we go, so a little bit here off the bottom about two-third, three-quarters through the top, right.

    Rob Carson: Oh, I went a little bit too far, that's okay. Paolo Buffa: No, you did not. It's just perfect. There you go. Perfect, good job.

    Rob Carson: Thank you, thank you very much, cool. Alright so we have got our squash prepared, we have got our oven preheating. We come back in a second here. We are going to cook the squash, we are going to show you how to make this great risotto.