How To Make Stuffed Cabbage

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make stuffed cabbage.

    Amy Riolo: Many European and Mediterranean cultures take pride in their stuffed cabbage recipes. This middle eastern version is both helpful and flavorful. Let's get started by boiling up our cabbage. Add in a head of cabbage that I've trimmed from the outer leaves and I've taken the core out of the center. So we are going to let our cabbage boil for about 5 minutes or until the leaves start to fall apart. Now we can go ahead and start making our filling. The first thing I have here is two cups of short grain rice, some cilantro and some fresh dill, one grated onion, teaspoon of cumin and teaspoon of cinnamon. I am also going to add in teaspoon of salt and quarter teaspoon of black paper. And we will just mix these together. So about 5 minutes has passed and our cabbage is finished cooking. So I'm just going to take them and put them into the strainer here. Let them get cool for a minute. You can see there are some of the pieces that are larger like this. These are the ones that are going to make the great rolls, then there are other smaller pieces like this. So we can just use those to line the bottom of our pot. And then with our big leaf here we are going to remove this seam right down the middle because this makes it hard to fold and it also has kind of bitter taste. Just taking a knife and just cutting right along this way. Take our cabbage this way and make it into a circle and take a tablespoon for filling and just put it right in the middle. We just want to leave a little a border around the top and around the sides and that way it will roll up and stay covered. And then you can pull the side over and then pull the other side and take the top and roll it right over the rice and then just take the rest of the cabbage this way and roll it up.

    And also to our pot, I want to add some sliced tomatoes right on the bottom. And then we can take a cabbage roll and just set them right on the top of the tomatoes. And then we can repeat with remaining leaves. And I am going to put another layer of tomatoes on top. And then I am going to invert a plate right on the top. This is just to prevent them from coming up as we add the stock and as they cook. And I am going to pour in some chicken stock. And as soon as you enough liquid it come up to the sides of your top of your cabbage rolls, so we can go ahead and turn our heat on to high. We are going to bring this up to a boil and as soon as it boils, we will turn it down and let it simmer. So now our stock is boiling and I am going to reduce our heat a low. We will let these simmer for about an hour or just until the rice is cooked and cabbage is tender. So about an hour has passed now and our stuffed cabbage has cooked through. Then we can remove the tomatoes and just set them on the bottom of out serving plate. Then we can certainly start layering the cabbage right on the top. So here we have our stuffed cabbage rolls. A great recipe that pass down to future generations. Enjoy.