How to Make Stuffed Grape Leaves

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cookbook author, cooking instructor and culinary consultant Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make stuffed grape leaves.

    Amy Riolo: Hi! I am Amy Riolo, I am a cookbook author, cooking instructor and culinary consultant based in Washington D.

    C. Today we are filming at Locanda Restaurant and I am working with Chef Jordan from Cafe 8 and he is going to teach me how to make his Grape Leaves. So what will we need to get started today?

    Chef Jordan: Today we are making a Dolma which are basically grape leaves, grape leaf varieties, we have Turkish grape leaves, dry mint, all spice, black pepper, currants, dry onions, short-grain rice, tomato paste, pine nuts. Also we have potatoes for layering and lemons for garnish.

    Amy Riolo: Now a lot of people are really worried about making grape leaves. They think -- they are very intimidated by them. Do you feel that this is a difficult process, what do we actually need to do?

    Chef Jordan: Well, it is a difficult process. It's a very long process but the pay-off is well worth it. So if anybody has ever eaten the grape leaf, they know how delicious they are and they know what's the time and effort.

    Amy Riolo: And you are going to show us all of your tips, right?

    Chef Jordan: I will.

    Amy Riolo: Okay. So what are some of the tools that we need to get started?

    Chef Jordan: Tools, of course we will be needing a cutting board, a chef knife, large pot to layer the grape leaves in, a mixing bowl, a tablespoon of sort to dish the rice into the grape leaves and now that's basically it.

    Amy Riolo: Great. For our home viewers, since we are going to be working in the kitchen today, safety is always important. Please be careful when you are working with sharp knives and hot temperatures in front of children. So Chef Jordon can you tell a little bit about yourself before we get started?

    Chef Jordan: Yes, I am the chef in a local Mediterranean restaurant in Eastern market which is about seven blocks from the capital. I am the chef and the managing partner over there. We specialize in Turkish cuisine, about 60% of our menu is Turkish. We have a mixture of the whole Mediterranean all the way from Morocco, all the way back around.

    Amy Riolo: And when we come back, we will start making our grape leaves.