How to Make Stuffed Lobster

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Ray Hayes demonstrates how to make stuffed lobster.

    Ray Hayes: Hello, my name is Ray Hayes. I am the Executive Chef here. You are watching my series on how to cook and prepare lobsters. Now I am going to show you how to stuff a lobster. So as we did talk about before, we did the broil, boil, now we are going to do this one where we are actually going to take a knife, split the lobster in half, then we will take a knife insert in here, cut this in two pieces, we will separate the two pieces, we will clean out the cavity here and then we will take this lobster half of it and stuff it with some crab, shrimp, Brie cheese and fresh dill. The other one we are going to take to the grill and just grill them on the top.

    You are ready, now I am going to show you how to do it, here we go. I am going to insert right at the bottom, you take a towel and hold there because if the knife slips it will cut into the palm of your hand. So you want to put the towel right there and split up to the shell and then reinsert at the shell and then cut in half. That is how you do it. Now you have two lobsters, this one and that one. So from this point, we are going to take the lobsters, wash them out a little bit to get rid off the cavity stuff that is in here and then we will show you how to stuff this, then we will brush the other one with some butter and some salt and pepper, we will take that to the grill and grill that.

    I have already showed you how to open the claws. So we can do that later. Ready, I turn the water on, so we just give it a little rinse and that is it, real, simple process, just rinse it out to get rid off the any cracked shell or anything that might be stuck on side. That is it, you go back to the cutting board, now I will show you to stuff these and get them ready to go in to the oven. So this is going to be the one we stuffed, we are taking the stuffing that I have already made here, the stuffing is Brie cheese, bay shrimp and crab mixed with mayonnaise and fresh dill.

    Real simple, easy, straightforward, cut the bay shrimp, cut the Brie cheese the same size as the bay shrimp and just go for the stuffing like that. We are going to take the stuffing and put it right inside the cavity over here where we washed out earlier. So we just take our stuffing and we are going to put it right on top of here, like this, I want to just kind of pack it a little bit so it gets into all those little cracks and crevices there. There we go, Brie cheese, crab, shrimp, put all inside the shell of the steamed lobster. We are going to take this thing and go right to the oven with it.

    We are going to put it into a 350 degree oven and don't forget now the lobster is already cooked, you have already boiled it and cut in half. So actually all what we are going to do here is give it about 15 minutes, 10 or 15 minutes to melt the cheese, put all the ingredients together like that. Don't forget, the lobster is cooked, so all you want to do is melt the cheese, so don't have much time, so set up the table, get ready to eat. It has been 12-15 minutes, we will check our lobster, yeah, it is already to go, nice and brown, Brie cheese, crab and shrimp and we are almost ready to eat. There we go. So now we have this all ready to go, you want to look oh, that is very nice, cheese is melted, shrimp crab is cooked, lobster tail, little butter on here, this is ready to eat.