How to Make Sure Your Valentine’s Day Flowers are Perfect

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Brad Parker discusses how to pick the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers including how to make sure you are choosing the perfect flowers.

    Brad Parker: Hi! My name is Brad Parker. My company is MyFlorist and we are in McLean, Virginia and in this segment, we are going to go over some things in purchasing flowers at Valentine's Day that you might not have thought about, but are very important. First of all, the enclosure card message, this is extremely important and is very special and important way you can complete the expression of your sentiments. When you write your card or have it written for you, you don't want to say something like Happy Valentine's Day from John. You need to it little better than that. You don't need to write a whole full-blown poem, but you need to say something personal. Try something like this, Happy Valentine's Day! My moments together with you are truly special. Love, John. Make sure you use the L word. It has a lot of important meaning when you either say 'love' or 'with all my love'; this can really make a big difference in how your recipient receives your expression not only of flowers, but of your feelings.

    Secondly, there is certain -- you are generally asking your florist to deliver the flowers for you, certain details about delivery are extremely important especially if you are in downtown areas with deliveries to office buildings, these days security is a big problem. So first of all you want to always make sure you have complete address information, the correct address, street number, the name of the business and any other details that might be helpful, often times, a cell phone number of your recipient. These days it's not that easy to get deliveries done. So that's another thing for you to consider. Next, don't wait till the last minute. This holiday all florists get crushed. If you wait till the day of the 14th to order your flowers or even the 13th, in many instances, you won't even be able to get your order placed or if you are, the selection will be greatly limited. So order early and here is my final tip; consider having your flowers delivered on the 13th; beat the rush. Not only will she get the flowers before anyone else and be able to enjoy them longer, but she will know that you didn't wait till the last minute and she will be the envy of the office for that much longer. So these are just a few tips to enhance your purchasing of flowers for Valentine's Day. Thank you very much.