How to Make Tabouli Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Mohammad Karimy demonstrates how to make a tabouli salad.

    Mohammad Karimy

    Lebanese Taverna creates an environment where good food is enjoyed in good company. Each restaurant is a "home away from home," even though the food and ambiance are from across the globe. The food is made fresh, and each Chef has his or her own "touch" that keeps you coming back for more.

    Mohammad Karimy: Hello, Welcome to Lebanese Taverna, my name is Mohammad. I am with Lebanese Taverna Catering And Cooking Classes. Lebanese Taverna was established in 1979. It is a family operated business. I am originally from Afghanistan and I grew up in Pakistan then I moved in late 98 and I knew basic cooking and then I learned Lebanese cooking at Lebanese Taverna.

    So today, we are making Tabouli salad, which is one of our wonderful signature of salads and it is really healthy and very refreshing. See, all the vegetables are here and we will make it from the scratch and I will you guys in a second. Here, we are making Tabouli salad and this how it works. I have parsley here, I have tomatoes, all ingredients set up and I will show you guys how to chop, the easy techniques, everything, alright.

    First of all, you have to have a sharp knife. I prefer this kind of knife, the Santoku, the shape, the design, it s really good. You will have a nice grip. Parsley, you have to hold it like this as a bunch and start chopping from one side. All you have to do is the tip of knife as you see is attached to cutting board and don t raise the knife too high, keep it as low as possible and you go very close to the stem. Stem, you put it aside and now the parsley is almost chopped. And if the cutting board doesn t move, I will chop it easily. So the knife move back and forth, hide the tip of your finger, this way.

    Rub the knife against your lower knuckle and once it is chopped a little bit like this, you put your hand on the top of the knife and the knife moves back and forth. If you want you could do like that, if you don t feel safe, you could put the other hand away from the knife and chop like this. If you have a sharp knife that works really good, so you are bruising the vegetables, you are just chopping it. And for Tabouli, make sure for Tabouli salad, you have to chop the parsley very fine. If it is big you might choke yourself or your friend or whoever is your guest. So make sure it is chopped very fine. You cannot use a food processor because it bruises the vegetable or the parsley. And this is chopped, the parsley, see how nice and fine chopped.

    And next we are going to chop onions.