How to Make Taco Soup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Rob Carson demonstrates how to make taco soup.

    Rob Carson: Hi! My name is Rob Carson, I am a radio personality and I like to cook and today, we are going to make a recipe, I have been making for years. My mom actually gave me this recipe and I tweaked it. It's awesome, it's fresh, it's flavorful, it's pretty low-fat actually too, it's called Taco Soup.

    The ingredients we are going to need for Taco Soup today are as follows; about a pound-and-a-half of ground turkey which is terrific, it's low in fat. About a pound of or one package of frozen corn, one chopped bell pepper of your choice, it could be red, it could be orange, it could be yellow, it's just basically for flavor and texture. Around five cloves of chopped garlic, one large chopped yellow onion. Around a pound of prepared salsa, now you can make your own salsa; I just got a fresh prepared salsa and that's perfectly fine. I have got a can of chickpeas; this is a 90-ounce or one-pound three-ounce can of chickpeas. I have got two cans of black beans which are 15.

    5-ounce a can. I have got crushed tomatoes so I am going to use two cans which are one-pound 12-ounce, 28 ounces a piece in other words. I am going to use one packet of Taco seasoning of your choice, a little bit of salt and pepper, hot sauce if you like to tweak it a little bit and we are going to top up with delicious sour cream, cheddar and Fritos!

    Tools and material we are going to need; a large saut pan. We are going to need a knife, chef's knife, a spoon; a wooden spoon or spatula. A large stockpot and you can make this on the stove and you can keep it in a Crock Pot the entire day or you can slow the stove and turn on the heat up when you need to. Alright! So let's get started, guys.

    I am going to start off with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, around a tablespoon of extra virgin and now we are going to head to the stove. Alright, so here we are at the stove. I have got my olive oil in the pan already. I am going to go ahead and add my garlic. Let's go and saut this a little bit. You are going to like this soup because it's got very intense flavor, it's very light, it's also rich and when I say light, it's not heavy in fat or calories but it's very rich and savory, it's awesome. Ill add my onion and you know what, there is nothing like the smell of a cooking onion. I don't care whether it's on grinds or sauted onions or onions on the grill or onions on the stove, it's just ridiculous. I am going to cook these a little bit until they are relatively translucent. So while my onions are cooking and my garlic is cooking, I am going to go ahead and start my turkey over here just because turkey takes a little bit longer to prepare and I don't want to cook them all together in the same pan. Little more olive oil as richer I like to say and my pound-and-a-half of nice ground turkey. Let's start with that. To avoid cross contamination, I am using a separate spoon for the turkey.

    Okay, I am going to go ahead and add my peppers here. I am just going to soften these up a little, you don't need to soften them up too much because they are going to cook in the chilly itself or in the taco soup itself. So I don't want to ruin that; I don't want to make them too soft and mushy. These look about done so I am going move this over, put these over here on the side and work on this turkey.

    I am going to go ahead and add my salt and pepper; around a teaspoon, maybe a little bit more, as I always say, salt and pepper to taste if you are going to have salt and pepper in the recipe. Alright, so while this is cooking, I am going to go over and I have got to rinse and drain my garbanzo beans, my chickpeas, in other words, and my black beans.

    Chickpeas and black beans have a kind of syrupy water in them and it could be a little sticky. So I am going to go ahead and I always rinse some, you will notice in the same way with the black beans in that. I am going to use cold water. Black beans could get a little sticky at the bottom of the can, so I keep it running. So here we go. Cold water, get them out of the bottom of the can so you don't' have to dig them; you don't have to break them up. We will use this here. My turkey is done, I am just going to take it over, I am going to drain it. I am not going to rinse the turkey obviously because I have already got some seasonings in here. Ill take my turkey over and drain it, okay. I am going to add it to my veggies and this is where we add our Taco seasoning; one full packet of Taco seasoning. Alright, my turkey and my veggies are done and this smells really good. Now I am going to move this, get my big old stockpot ready and I am going to need every bit of it because this is a big, a big batch of soup I am making. This is enough for probably 10 or 12 people, if you are going to have them over for football.

    Now I am going to go ahead and add my crushed tomatoes and my salsa and I am just going to add a little bit of basic Bloody Mary Mix. It's good liquid, it maintains the tomato flavor, don't add like a Caesar Bloody Mary Mix or anything weird like that, there you go. I am going to add my corn, my chickpeas and black beans. Boy! We are making some soup or what here? Look at this, my goodness! You can simmer this for about half hour to an hour at a medium to low heat just because you want to heat it. Then you can transfer it to a Crock Pot, keep it on low all day or you can leave it on your stove and if you are having a football party, just occasionally go up and heat it up a little bit.

    It's going to be great in about an hour. It's going to be even better in a few hours when the flavors begin to melt. Let's get some out to present it, okay. Look at the colors, isnt that pretty? Look at the soup. Okay, so our Turkey Taco Soup is done, now I am going to finish it. This is for presentation. I am going to take some shredded cheddar and I am going to put it on the bottom because when you stir it up, it will be melting. Okay. Take your standard American Fritos, Gods gifted chipdum, throw that on there, okay. Then I am going to take a little bit of sour cream, just a little dollop right on top of it. Because I like a little bit of heat, I am just going to sprinkle a couple of these to add a little color to the top. And there you have it my friends, Turkey Taco Soup. Enjoy!