How to Make Tailgate Chicken Wings

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dan Henry with the Tailgating Pros shows how to make tasty chicken wings for tailgating.

    Dan Henry

    Dan Henry is a former Food Production Manager who spent 20 years in Hotel prep and banquet kitchens. He has worked with some of the country's top chefs. Dan has also been the Head Chef for his tailgating buddies for all of those years. He has perfected the art of cooking outside for large crowds. He has several published tailgating recipes and has recently started his own website, the

    My name is Dan Henry. I am with the Tailgating Pros. Me and my partner run a website called the tailgatingpros.

    com, where you get anything you need for the outdoor party. I have a degree in Restaurant Management. I've worked in Prep and Banquet kitchens for 15 years, plus I have been tailgating for 25 years. So, today, we are going to make tailgate chicken wings. Here's what you are going to need to get started. You need some chicken wings, some flour, some butter, some hot sauce, some white vinegar, some mayonnaise, and some blue cheese dressing. So, lets get started. These I prepared yesterday, which is a smart move; you dont want to have to chop your chicken wings on the block, while you are at the party. So, I've about three pounds of chicken wings here; throw them in a container there. Now, I like to add a little bit of flour, it helps the sauce stick to them when the whole product is done. So, just a little bit, throw it in there, toss them around with your hands. Dont be afraid to get in there, okay. So, you've got a little bit of flour on there. Remember, clean your hands when you are done. Anytime you handle raw food, make sure you clean your hands when you are done. You dont want to cross-contaminate anything, okay. So, we are going to put that aside. Now, we are going to make the sauce. Now, there are a lot of hot sauces out there. I like Frank's RedHot Sauce, thats my -- you know, thats what I choose. So, got about a cup of hot sauce, now, we are going to cut that with, I would say, two tablespoons of butter. Remember, when you are making hot wings, what makes them mild, medium, and hot, is how much butter you have in there. Last but not least, I like to add about a capful of white vinegar. It gives it a little bit of a zing, okay. Now, for the depth, I've got blue-cheese here, blue cheese dressing, again, for about three pounds, you probably need pretty much the whole container, its about eight ounces. Now, I like to add a little bit of mayonnaise to that, it gives it, probably about, say two tablespoons, okay, get that in there, grab a fork, mix it up, and you are ready to go. Now, the next thing we are going to do is we are going to cook these wings.

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