How To Make Tartines With Shrimp & Cucumber

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make boursin tartines with shrimp and cucumber.

    Amy Riolo: Nice shrimp, cucumber and boursin tartines are easy to make and they taste as great as they look.

    To start off, I am going to heat my olive oil in a sauce pan over medium high heat. As soon as the oil is hot, I can add in the shrimp. We will just scatter these around so they are nice and even, they can start cooking evenly. Then I am going to add in my flavoring. What makes this shrimp dish really unique are the herbs de Provence. And what I am going to do is just put it in my hand and pinch it right over the top. This releases a lot of the flavor of the dry herb, helps to make them come awake and really adds a lot of flavor into your dish.

    Then I am going to add some salt and a little bit of black pepper and you could see now as our shrimp are turning into color. They start get a little bit of pink color on them. That's exactly what they want.

    As soon as the sides of the shrimp start to look pink, it's ready to turn them over. Now the shrimp have a nice golden color on them. I am going to turn them off the heat.

    We can start slathering our bread for our tartines. I am going to just slather it with my boursin cheese. I like the boursin because it has a lot of nice herb flavor and it really helps to create a nice backbone for all of the herbs that we have got in our shrimp dish.

    Now I am going to top it with my cucumbers. We have a nice thin layer of cucumber just to make a bed for the shrimp. This adds a lot of obviously vitamins but also crunch and great cool flavor. This is one of those nice dishes to have in the summer, when it's really warm outside, you don't know what to make for dinner or you want something when you are relaxing by the pool. This is really, really fun. It looks elegant, it tastes great, but it's very easy to make. Here we have our shrimp, cucumber and boursin tartines, an easy and elegant dinner to enjoy anytime.