How To Make Three Hot Chocolate Drinks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chocolatier Rob Kingsbury demonstrates how to make three styles of rich hot chocolate, including lavender and atzec flavors.

    Rob Kingsbury: Rob Kingsbury: Hi! I am Rob Kingsbury with Kingsbury Chocolates and today I am going to show you how to make a perfect cup of hot chocolate as well as two other variations, one infused with lavender and ground pistachios and the other one an Aztec version with chipotle peppers and ground cinnamon stick. So I am going to go ahead and put a bunch of milk in the pot to start with and then I'll go ahead and I'll do individual portions from just the hot milk that we are using. Make sure you turn this on to about medium heat. Make sure throughout the process that you give it a little stirring around to make sure that it does not cook into the bottom of the pan. You can use whatever type of the chocolate you want in this, white milk or dark, bittersweet it's up to you. I am using a nice semi-sweet today which I think is a nice standard of hot chocolate for most people that enjoy.

    I am going to go ahead and put 12 ounces of milk here in my measuring cup. I am actually adding a cup of chocolate shavings. What you want to do is you just want to whisk this together. So you get a nice foamy top, and then pour it in your cup, delicious. Let's go ahead and make that perfect cup of Lavender and Pistachio infused hot chocolate. I am going to put 12 ounces of hot milk right in to my measuring cup and I am going to be putting one teaspoon of the lavender in here. It's the whole buds that I will be putting in here. And I like to let this steep for about two minutes, a nice way just to keep all the wonderful floral aromas into the milk. Just put a saran wrapper over the top of that. Take your pistachios nuts and put it into your coffee grinder. Our milk has been steeped and infused with lavender, and I am going to strain this directly into my serving cup, and then to that I am going to add a one cup of chocolate shavings, and whisk away. When you get a nice froth on the top you know your chocolate is well blended. A nice scoop of a fresh whipped cream goes on the top and then over the top of that, I am going to sprinkle my pistachios nuts.

    It's a beautiful, beautiful cup of hot chocolate to enjoy. This version is an Aztec style with chipotle peppers and ground cinnamon stick. Go ahead and pre-measure 12 ounces of hot milk in to here. Put in two whole chipotle peppers which has a smoky flavor to it. We are going to do a quick cover with some saran wrapped. Just allow that to steep and let all the flavors really become infused into the hot milk. After that's finished, we are going to come back and strain this out. I am adding one cup of shaved chocolate. Whisk it together; get a nice froth on the top. You can see all the chocolates being combined, just to kind of top this off, I am going to put a little homemade whipped cream on there, and some delicious fresh cinnamon stick. I am going to grate it right on the top. And there you go. Here is the perfect cup of Aztec Hot Chocolate. Enjoy!