How to Make Toasted Almond Potatoes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video shows how to make toasted almond potatoes.

    Barton Seaver: Hi, I am Barton Seaver and today we are cooking Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel Fillet with toasted Almond Potatoes and a Lemon-Garlic Gremolata. It's one of my favorite dishes. Right now we are going to be showing you how to do the Potatoes. One of the -- while the fish is brining, what I have done is taken little red skinned Potatoes and I have just cut them in half and then boiled them in generously salted water. Now, I like to cut them in half so you get as much surface area as you can. The whole purpose of this is that we are going to then sear them in a little bit of Almond oil and that you want to get as much as texture and flavor and as much surface area for that to suck up that Almond flavor. Now this Almond oil I am talking about is Extra Virgin Olive oil and slivered or sliced Almonds, either one, but you want to make sure you get them with the skin off, because the skin will tend to crisp up and burn a little bit. But I have just very slowly simmered them in the Olive oil on low heat for a good amount of time so they get a nice golden brown color. Now that Olive oil also picks up all that wonderful Almond flavors, those oils just interfuse with each other. Now this oil is going to end up being the cooking medium for the potatoes. So on high heat here, there we go. We are just going to take a little bit of the oil here and spoon it into a pan, probably enough to get going here and then well take the Potatoes. Ill put in there as well. Now the potatoes have been cooked until they are just done in water. So you can see that they are just pulling apart. So they are fully cooked and you can eat them now but what we are going to do is crisp them up real nice in the Olive oil here and that's that. Now I have got a little bit of parsley that I have roughly chopped here just to give it a nice little fresh burst to it when its on the plate as well as at the end of the product we are going to add in the chopped Almonds at the back. So its going to end up being crunchy fresh and sweet, the potato is going to be really good. Now in the next what are we going to introduce you to is the Lemon-Garlic Gremolata, then we are going to get to cooking fish.