How to Make Tofu Spinach Lasagna Rolls

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tofu expert Paula Eakins demonstrates how to make Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups with Tofu.

    Paula Eakins: Hi, I am Paula Eakins, Vice President of Health Seminars Unlimited and today we are going to talk some more about how to cook with tofu. Now the recipe today that we are going to be using is a Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups . This is another simple recipe and once again we are using tofu and we are using the water packed tofu, this is also a firm tofu that we are going to be using and we have got our spinach, everything is here ready to go.

    I have already pre-done the lasagna noddles. I have precooked them because we are going to be doing the roll ups. This recipe also would serve very well if you just want to do a regular lasagna but I want something special on this particular program. So we are going to put our extra-firm, our firm tofu into our bowl and we are going to just mash that up because we are trying to get the simulation now of cottage cheese or ricotta cheese alright and we are going to be using soy in it's place.

    Now are going to take our spinach and we are going to put in the chopped spinach and you can do this -- it is frozen spinach put it in and we are going to just mix that in real good. Now I am going to go ahead on in and put in also my -- this is one teaspoon of the garlic powder, this will help give in that season and then next we are going to go ahead on and put in our chicken-style-seasoning and the chicken-style-seasoning once again is that of an assimilation of a regular chicken bouillon cube but it is not, it is a vegetarian product that you can find in any of the health food store, in your local grocery stores as well.

    Nutritional yeast, I am using that also, full of B-vitamins also helps to get flavor and texture to this roll up. I am going to be also adding in my onion powder and that is the teaspoon of the onion powder as well. So we have got a teaspoon of the onion powder and a teaspoon of the nutritional yeast. Then I am going to add lastly my Parmesan cheese. This is a half cup of Parmesan cheese. Oh, this looks so good, looks so good, looks so good. We have got to just stir it all up because we are going to be putting this inside of this whole wheat lasagna noodles.

    Now I am going to just take a spoon full, I am going to put it in the middle of the lasagna noodle itself. Now you are going to keep on doing this till you get down to the very end. Just go ahead and do the second one as well and I like this because once again this product will make at least a good ten to 12 roll ups. It's something little bit different, very very attractive when you serve it up and really one roll up is a serving. But I am going to tell you right now, people are going to say well I need more than just one serving of it. I will put that last one on and I like to then just take and mash it down as you see right here.

    Now before I start rolling, we have got that spaghetti sauce. Any spaghetti sauce that you want to use, we have already taken that Italian seasoning and little bit of salt and put in, when we put it on the stove to get it heated up. So I am just going to go ahead on it now and put some in the bottom of my baking dish. You are going to need a baking dish, this is just 8 x 8 and sometimes because we are going to be making a lot more or if you are going to make a lot more of them then you would want to use a 9 x 13 baking dish.

    The temperature of your oven is going to be at about 325 degrees. Now let's go ahead on and start rolling it. Now this is really easy to do, I kind of just tuck on the side as I am moving it forward and when you get to the end, you want to make sure that you put it -- look at that, is that gorgeous or what? You want to make sure that you put it same side down, like so. Let's roll that last one up here and you know what I am telling you right now. This is delicious, we serve it with some broccoli and a nice colorful salad and some rolls or garlic bread. Now once you lay them down, you are just going to take your sauce and go right across the tops of it and you are going to put that foil, put the foil on top. When I get down with this I will sprinkle on it, as it cooks, I would sprinkle a little bit of the Parmesan cheese and a little bit of fresh parsley or you can use dry parsley. Now I smell something cooking. So that means that the other one is done so you have got to see the finished product. You can see that it is very easy and simple. Once again we have showed you how to cook with tofu and I want you to know that this recipe is absolutely fantastic and you finally will love it different from the regular lasagna.

    Now we showed you how to cook with tofu, baking that spinach lasagna roll ups and we are going to move to the next one and that is how to make a strawberry smoothie using tofu.