How to Make Tofu Vegetable Kabobs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tofu expert Paula Eakins demonstrates how to make Tofu Vegetable Kebabs.

    Paula Eakins: Hi, I am Paula Eakins, Vice President of Health Seminars Unlimited and we are going to be doing once again how to cook with tofu, we are going to make Tofu Vegetable Kebabs. Now for this tofu we are going to be using the extra-firm tofu and you can see I have that right here in front of you, the extra-firm tofu. I am going to just cut this in half and once we cut it in half, I am going to make little squares out of it, trying to move over to the side, let's just cut it right down the middle once again and then we are going to make blocks.

    Now we have got our skewer sticks and we are going to just start putting all the different things on. I am telling you, you don't have to figure out which is going to go where, all you need to do is just start decorating okay. I am going to start off by just using one of my zucchinis. Now what I usually do is I do a double skewer stick because that keeps the vegetables all on top. So we are going to put them together and we are going to just stick it right on through, alright? Next I am going to use this extra-firm tofu. I am talking about how to cook with tofu and move it down.

    Lets put a mushroom on, this is the -- you can use the -- well, we are going to just take it and put it in the other way there because it looks like this mushroom wants to go a different way, so we are going to stick that on. We are going to add a red pepper and then we are going to add how about a onion, nice flavor and color. Let's do a yellow pepper and then I am going to just sit it here because in a few minutes I am going to actually put that sauce on top of it. You can use any sauce.

    Now you know a lot of times when people talk to me about tofu and how to work with tofu, I want to tell you that another method that you can actually use on this is you can take this same 14 or 16 ounce of water-packed tofu and you could put it right into the freezer, as soon as you bring it home keep it in that container, put it up in the freezer and let it freeze for at least 24 hours, alright? It can go a couple of days more but I guarantee you, once you see this kebab done, you are going to be like 24 hours is enough time, I am ready to make me up a kebab okay.

    So we are going to put that on, let's go here and get one of our tofu, this extra-firm tofu on and let's go ahead and let's do once again that yellow or orange, we have got that orange one to go on orange pepper and we are going to end with a tofu block. Now once we sit this on our tray, what I would like to do is now take my sauce and you can use any sauce that you have. We already have got plenty of marinated type sauces out in the market. This is a special one that I make which is a honey garlic sauce and we are going to go ahead on and just brush the actual kebab.

    I want you to know what this has, this one has onions in it, it has got ginger on it, it is inside of it. It also has our lemons as well and you are going to put it on grill in the oven and I like to put a little bit of that -- the actual chives of garlic right on in there also. When you put it inside the oven for grill what's going to happen is every few seconds you are going to look in there, really good because the fire is going to be hot and then you would just turn, turn that kebab and as you turn it you would use your sauce and you would base it again.

    You will keep on doing that until you get rid of all of it but sometimes I leave it little bit on the side because somebody might want to when everything is done, they might want to have a little bit to go with their either noodle or rice whatever they are serve that kebab up with. But you could see it's very very simple, very easy, very quick, talking about how to cook with tofu and the finished product, I want you to know that the finished product is absolutely delicious. I am going to show it to you.

    I am going to first put this oven and that will take about maybe seven minutes all total. So let's put it inside. Well now look at the final product. It's actually we learned how to cook with that tofu and we have done a grilled tofu and it is called the Tofu Vegetable Kebabs. Now you know those chives, you didn't see those earlier and that's because we have sprinkle them on top for garnishing, so don't forget to put the chives on top. Now the next time we come together we are going to learn how to cook with tofu but this time we are going to be doing Lasagna Spinach Roll ups.