How To Make Tomato, Pepper, Mozzarella, & Caper Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make tomato, pepper, mozzarella, and caper salad.

    Amy Riolo: My tomato, pepper, mozzarella and caper salad is at its best in the summer when tomatoes are at there peak.

    So we are going to start mixing together our ingredients. First I have got my tomatoes sliced down on the plate. Now I'm going to stir into my bowl the red peppers, then I'll add in the parsley, fresh parsley has a lot of the nice Vitamin C and good color and crunch in the salad. Then my fresh mozzarella, then I'll add in the capers. Make sure to drain and rinse the capers thoroughly before you add them to the salad, because they tend to be really salty, they are soaked in thyme.

    So you want to make sure to get rid of all that, we can always add our own salt. They add nice pecan flavor to the salad. I'm just mixing everything to combine. It's great already.

    Then we can turn this out right into the center of our salad and mix and whisk together with the vinaigrette. We are going to start by putting my Balsamic vinegar right in the bottom of my bowl; you could use red wine vinegar, or whatever you like. I am going to drizzle in some olive oil. Because of the cheese I am not adding a lot of olive oil on this, you really don't need that much, just a little bit to smooth out the vinegar and make it taste a little bit less fiery.

    Once that gets incorporated, I am going to whisk in my garlic. This is not traditional, this is purely for health reasons, let's go add a pinch also of crushed red pepper. If you don't like spicy things you could definitely leave that out. Now just drizzle this over my salad. If you wanted to make this in advance you can make the salad up and then just dress it up right before serving. So there we have a tomato, pepper, and mozzarella and caper salad. The perfect accompaniment of roasted and grilled meals. Enjoy!