How To Make Turkish Coffee With Cardamom

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make coffee with cardamom.

    Amy Riolo: There is no need to be intimated by making Turkish coffee, it's actually really easily. Here are a few simple steps to follow.

    Were going to begin by placing the Turkish coffee right into our little Kanaka or Cezve which is Turkish coffee pot. So, for every cup you want to serve, you use a teaspoon of the Turkish coffee powder, we always add sugar well while cooking the coffee not at the end.

    And you can between one and three teaspoons of sugar per serving; I am going to add one. Then we add a Cardamom Pod, for some extra flavor, and all of the flavor comes from seeds on inside. If you crack open the Cardamom Pod, it exposes, its inner seeds, so we can discard the Pod and just use the use the seeds. Then I am going to place the water right into another pot as well.

    We want to make sure everything is stirred before you put it on to the fire and I am going to turn my fire on low to start. The coffee cooks up really-really quickly and you want to able to catch it, before it boils over.

    So, as soon as the coffee starts to froth over the top, were going to pull it right off and now what were going to do is, skim a little bit of that froth from the top and put in it in the bottom of our demitasse.

    Then we go right back on the flame, for a second time, were going to let it boil up, then were going to take it of, let it rest for a second, we do this for of total of 3 times. Now were going to put our coffee back on the flame for the final time.

    And now were ready to pour coffee right into our cups, you very slowly pour in, this help to have that froth rise to the top and thats the way the people like to drink it.

    So, there we have our perfect Turkish coffee, the best way to finish any Middle Eastern meal. Enjoy!