How to Make White Cheddar Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Rob Carson demonstrates how to make White Cheddar Horseradish mashed potatoes.

    Rob Carson: Hi, my name is Rob Carson. I am a radio personality and a gourmet cook and my goal of these videos is to bring couples and families and foodie-friends together in the kitchen, also to demystify things you might have been afraid to try otherwise. Today we are making white White Cheddar Horseradish mashed potatoes.

    Alright, what we are going to need today guys is some potatoes, I have got between 8 and 10 Yukon Gold Potatoes that I have peeled and I have chopped up into, I guess quarters to sixth, I want to make it fairly small so they boil rather quickly. I have got about a cup and a half of beautiful aged white cheddar. Don't use yellow cheddar, don't use the cheap stuff at the grocery store, get an aged white cheddar. Cheddar is not supposed to be yellow, it's colored to be yellow. Cheddar is meant to be white and if it's aged cheddar it's absolutely beautiful thing.

    We have got sour cream and seriously everything is better with sour cream, am I right? Yeah, okay. We have also got some nicely chopped up horseradish, I just couldn't get prepared horseradish. This is about a tablespoon and a half, you could add more depending on how many nose hairs you want to fry out. I also have lots of fresh butter, okay. And I am going to use at least a stick of butter, okay. I want to make these potatoes really evil and really good. Don't use fake butter unless you are like a heart patient, okay, use the real stuff, its much better.

    Tools I am going to need are very simple. I am going to need a large pot. I just like to boil my potatoes in. I am going to need a mixer. You can use a hand mixer, you can use a hand potato masher, I like my potatoes to be a little bit creamier, if you are making like garlic smashed potatoes, I probably want little more coarse, little more lumpy potatoes so I would use a hand masher on those. But for these we want it to be creamy and we want them to be really good. So let's put them in the pot and get started.

    I have taken my Yukon Gold potatoes, I have added them to the pot with a little bit of salt, why do we add salt? Because it raises the boiling point and makes them cook a little bit faster. Here we go. So we have got the potatoes over here and we have got them on a high boil. I have got salt in it, I am also going to add a top to it because you are adding air-pressure on the potatoes, you are bringing the boiling point up and they will cook a little bit faster I should say. I will get my potatoes here, they are nice and tender and I am straining them immediately after turning them off. Why? Because if leave potatoes in the boiling water get a great facial, so this is great, perfect. But if you leave them in the boiling water too long they will become wallpaper paste and they are not good. Okay, so what I am going to do guys, take my mixing bowl, going to add my potatoes, stick it over here, while these are nice and hard I am going to go ahead add some of my butter. And I am going to tell you something right now, I am going to add sick amounts of butter to this okay so get used to it.

    There is a nice pat, another nice big thick pat, right there I'd probably use two-and-a-half, three tablespoons of butter. I am going to get that in there, it's nice and soft butter. I have heated this cream in my microwave, you can also heat it on your stove-top but you don't want to add just cold cream to your potatoes because you are going to cool down the mixture, you don't want that.

    So I am going to add about a third a cup of cream. I am going to add couple of big old tablespoons of sour cream, it just makes them creamier and seriously, what doesn't take better with sour cream? Come on. I am going to start these potatoes, they are going to start to soften up then I will start adding my cheese and my horseradish. Oh yes, you see that, softening up very nicely. Oh, here comes the cheese, whenever I think something is really good I will say God bless it. God bless white cheddar cheese, okay.

    I am also going to add my horsey. Again it's about one-and-a-half to two tablespoons of prepared horseradish. Now I will add a little bit more cream, I don't want to make them too mushy, push them down, push them down, way down. I am going to add some pepper. It didn't smell that horseradish. Again you can add more horseradish it just depends on how many nose hairs you want to loose because you ever get horseradish, it's like a Wasabi buzz, it's intense. My sea salt, add as much as you want, salt and pepper to taste as always, okay. These are really looking, really good, guys. I just took a taste of these and they are just ridiculous, they are ridiculous, I love it. There they are, aren't they looking pretty? Okay. Got my nice serving bowl here, got my potatoes, just going to bring these up. Now look at these, they are fairly creamy but there some decent sized hunks in there. So you people will like your potatoes coarse, you won't be disappointed. I just grew up on lumpy mashed potatoes and I don't really like them lumpy, sorry. There are my potatoes all ready. Before I take them to the table, this is a staple in the Carson household, I am going to take some butter and I am just going to stick it in there. Obviously we are serving these family styled, if you want you can plate your mashed potatoes with whatever you are serving. It could be medallions of beef, it could be salmon whatever. White cheddar horseradish potatoes will go just about anything, pork, salmon, beef whatever. You are going to take it, you are going to set it out on the table like this and then you are going to do, oh. Look at that, look at that butter, oh my goodness. I told you we are going to make these with sick amounts of butter. If you are on low fat diet, forget about it. These are not low fat they are just delicious.

    White cheddar horseradish mashed potatoes.