How To Make White Gazpacho Soup Mock-tails

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make white gazpacho soup severed in cocktail glasses.

    Amy Riolo: This version of the classic Spanish soup is made from ground almonds and white bread, and is known as White Gazpacho.

    To start, I have our left over white bread here that's been cubed and I am soaking it in about a half of a cup of water. This just makes the bread more tender, and this is an old Spanish secret.

    So now I am just going to squeeze a little bit of that excess water out with my hands and transfer that right over into the food processor. Then we can add in our blanched almonds, our vinegar, good quality olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, little bit of pepper and salt.

    Now we can turn our food processor on, you could also do this in a blender if you like, and I am just going to pulse this mixture on and off. And as soon as the mixture starts to look like a paste, we can start incorporating in our water. I've got two cups of water here.

    So now that our gazpacho is completely blended, we are looking for this consistency, which is quite runny. It's going to thicken up a little bit in the refrigerator because of the bread and because of the almonds, but we still want it to bee almost a drinkable consistency.

    So you are going to add enough water until it gets to about here. Then we are going to cover it and refrigerate it for a minimum of six hours or up to overnight.

    So here we have our white gazpacho mocktails. Remember that the healthy fats in almonds make them a great addition to any diet. Enjoy!