How to Make Your Handwriting Personal

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Handwriting instructor Nan Jay Barchowsky demonstrates how to make handwriting personal.

    Nan Jay Barchowsky: Hi, I am Nan Jay Barchowsky, a Handwriting Specialist here to help you improve your writing.

    You want to make your writing personal. If you want it could be you. You want to reflect all the best presentation you could make of yourself. I hope this little session will work out to do just that, but it will take a little time. Some people can adjust their handwriting very rapidly and some people take a little longer to do it, but you want your handwriting to be unique to you.

    So you are going to start out and you are going to emulate a model whichever model you choose and then eventually you are going to digress. You are going to find that oh you can change a couple of letter forms. Go ahead and change them as long as they are legible and as long as you are going to write them with ease. For example, sometimes I write a d that way, sometimes I write a d that way. Sometimes I write an A very strictly, three strokes, sometimes I write an A like that.

    So you do whatever you feel comfortable with. Just avoid flourishing too much because flourishing can get in the way of clarity of writing. There are some real advantages to improving your handwriting. For one your are probably aware of the presentation that you make to other people, and the way you walk, the way you talk, the way your dress, but then when people meet me so often they say, Oh my handwriting is terrible. Oh, please dont watch me write, and that is the reason for improving your handwriting which really isnt too difficult a task.

    There is a big bonus in improving your handwriting. If are interviewing for a job, and go back to your home or your office and write a note to your prospective employer. Write a note that says, Thank you for the interview. I really like your company and what you were telling me about it, or whatever it is, or you might have lunch with a colleague and write a little note thanking the person for meeting with you and discussing some business adventure whatever it is.

    After that meeting and I will guarantee you that your hand addressed envelope will be the first one that the recipient opens. I hope that this series of videos will help you to improve your handwriting and really enhance your life a bit. Thank you.