How To Makeover Your Work Wardrobe

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kristen Reed from describes how to makeover your wardrobe not only to maximize space in your closet, but see what items you need to dress to impress at your job.

    Kristen Reed: If looking through your closet every morning is wearing you down, it might be time for a wardrobe makeover. Even the most fashion forward and on-trend person can feel a little down-and-out by looking through the same clothing day after day.

    These simple steps can help you maximize your closet in that precious time you spend getting ready before work. First, help your closet shed some excess weight. Go through and give any items you haven't worn in a year to charity. Also get rid of any items that don't make you feel good about yourself.

    If it's not flattering, it's just wasting precious closet real estate. Then write down all the pieces you are keeping so you can see what your wardrobe is missing. Next, identify must-haves based on your current job. It's best to stick with traditional and timeless pieces for your high quality items and basics, such blouses, slacks, and blazers. All three of those items can always be coupled with the less expensive trendy items to keep you up-to-date for the season.

    Online shopping and outlets can also help keep down the cost of new clothing purchases. Once you've added fresh new pieces to your wardrobe, be sure to organize your closet. Having everything neat will save you from rummaging for items when getting ready.

    Keep your best looks documented on your phone or computer is also a good tool to help you keep track of outfits that work for you. Follow these easy steps to make over your wardrobe and closet and you'll be on your way to a fresh start.