How to Maximize the iPhone 3G’s Battery Life

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    iPhone expert Joshua Dubois demonstrates various tips to extend the life of your new iPhone 3G.

    Josh Dubois: Hi, I am Josh Dubois. Today we are talking about the 3G iPhone and the Software Release 2.0.

    Since the origin of iPhone, one of the most talk about parts of the hardware it's been iPhone's battery. Now in order to maximize battery on this new 3G iPhone with all the applications, there's a couple of things we want to do.

    First, brightness, go ahead and turn down your brightness. Unless you are playing a game or really, really needed, you can have it almost down all the way. This will conserve a lot of battery power.

    Next, go back in settings. Turn off your Wi-Fi if you are not using it. Your iPhone constantly searching for Wi-Fi outlets, waste battery life, and turn it back on when you want to use the Wi-Fi.

    Next, go into general and make sure that your Bluetooth is off, unless you are using it. This will save a lot of battery power as well.

    Next, the 3G Networking, if you are not downloading big files, surfing the Web or making really important phone calls, go ahead and switch this to off. If you are doing those things, switch it back to on. This will conserve a lot of battery power.

    Also in settings, make sure that your auto lock is set at one minute, not five. It defaults at one minute, so you should be fine there.

    Next, turn push off, really it hasn't worked that well so far, so go ahead and turn push off and sync up your calendar and your contacts. Next, download stuff from the application store. It's tempting and it's really cool, but it saves much more battery power if you go ahead and do that on your computer, and sync those applications up at the end of the day.

    Last but not least, some of the best and most fun games eat up the most battery power. If it has 3D or vibrate function in the game, try to play at last, because really, really suck up your juice. If you take all these steps and remember to power off as often as you can, you should optimize your iPhones battery life.