How to Measure for Children’s Clothing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Greg Towe, L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Clothing and Equipment specialist, demonstrates how to shop for clothing online including how to measure for children’s clothing.

    Greg Towe: Hi! I am Greg Towe with L.

    L. Bean. Today I will be talking to you about ordering clothes online. Right now I am going to talk to you about ordering children's clothes online and how to measure for those. Our model Sidney here has been gracious enough to help us. There are some key things you want to remember in ordering children clothes online. Ages are going to vary and sizes may vary. So, what you want to do is take some measurements and use a conversion chart at the local retailer you have. At our website llbean.

    com we have a conversion chart there for you.

    So the measurements you are going to need are going to be your chest, your waist, your hips and then an inseam along with a torso measurement. So the way you will do that is and I will demonstrate on Sidney here, she is going to take the right shoulder, measure across to the left shoulder and get a measurement there. You are going to go around the waist, start on the right side, go all the way around, get a good measurement here, then what you are going to do is do from the right hip around the left hip and come all the way back around and you will have another measurement there. You are also going to want to take the inseam which will be from the inside right here at the crutch level, come all the way down to the ankle and get a good inseam measurement. Now to measure the torso you are going to be on the right shoulder, go all the way down to the left hip. So, that's how you get the torso measurement. Now these are being some tips on how to get accurate measurements to use a conversion measurement for ordering kids clothes online. Next I am going to talk about the online shopping basket and the checkout process.