How to Milk a Cow by Machine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Farmer Jack Stanton demonstrates the more modern method of milking a cow using a machine.

    Alright partners, we better finish milking here soon, somebody is hungry. Alright, so we have milked a cow by hand. Yeah, now what that does is give you big sausage fingers and no sleep, no vacation. So, we have got milking machines these days. Now, like I said in olden times it would take you probably a half an hour to strip this cow down by hand.

    So, we have got milking machines to do the same job in about three minutes. So, we have got a whole lot of milk. Now, like I say we are going to get say we get an average of 12 gallons a day. So, we are going to get six gallons in the morning and six at night.

    So, this is a milking machine. It runs off as a way vacuum pump. It is pretty simple, we just got a little diaphragm here that toggles back and forth and the suction feeling is just the way you would expect it to be. It just feels about the way when you stick your fingers in Old Nick s mouth there.

    Farmer Jack, come on in here. What we are going to do is we are going to hook this on. Like I said, it does not hurt her one bit; it is just like milking her by hand. She does not have much feeling down there. So, we are all hooked on and then you can hear that toggling. Now, in a moment, any minute, you are going to see milk racing through this.

    Can you see this here? Can you see this? Come on; say it with me, pasteurized milk. Say it Pasteur. It is not pasteurized milk, I am just kidding. Now, what to do though it is awfully warm. Now, when the milk is coming out of her it is a 102, 103 degrees. Put your hand right there on the udders, that is real warm, that is about the temperature of a bath.

    So, on a day like today, if I take this lid off right now, you are going to see steam coming out of there. Now, I mentioned about pasteurized, pasteurize does not boil in it but it is just bringing up to a temperature of about a 139, a 140 degrees for a couple of minutes. That is all it takes, the milk coming out of the cow, there is no germs in it, there is no antibodies that are bad for us.

    We just pasteurize it for packaging and for shelf life. Well, I think that you all are not just tribes, you are real farmers now. We milked a cow. What do you think? It feels good, doesn t it? My name is Farmer Jack. Thanks for being a farmer.

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