How to Mirror a Ceiling Border

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional paperhanger Jim Tiner demonstrates how to hang wallpaper borders and how to mirror a ceiling border.

    Jim Tiner: Hi, I am Jim Tiner, professional paper hanger. Today we are hanging wallpaper borders. Right now we are hanging we have just hung a border on the ceiling and we are going to go one step further and we are going to mirror the border.

    Mirroring is nothing more than whatever you have hung on the ceiling you are going to hang on the wall to look the same on the ceiling as the wall. You take the piece and as you can see they line up, they line up and smoothing it out, remember not a lot of pressure, not a lot of pressure, do not push too hard because it will stay, it will stick, we have talked about it in our former videos. Now we want to use the same technique. Its nothing more than hanging a wallpaper and to minimize the amount of pattern loss in the inside corner, dont wrap it around the corner, you always want to cut the corner. Okay and you can see a very little pattern loss here and that's the way we want to continue it. However when you mirror you want to line it up so that it mirrors itself. You do have a little, and you going to have a little pattern loss in the inside corner but we have minimized it. Now we are going to have to trim that out and trimming it out is nothing more than taking it apart and cutting it exactly to the inside corner so that when you put it back together, it's going to look like one continuous piece even though there is some pattern missing. Put it back with the area that's wrapped around the inside corner just a tad and we put that back and you can see we have mirrored what we have on the ceiling to what we have on the wall. Okay we have hung the border on the ceiling, we have mirrored it on the wall. Weve gotten into the inside corner and out of the corner with as little pattern loss as possible and still mirrored it here. I want to thank you for watching and I want and I hope that your job comes out as nice or as well you thought it would, thank you.