How to Mix and Roll Chocolate Pie Dough

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rob Kingsbury with Kingsbury Chocolates shows you how to mix and roll chocolate pie dough.

    Rob Kingsbury

    Rob is owner & chocolatier of Kingsbury Chocolates in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, as well as co-owner of the ACKC Cocoa Bar in Washington, DC. Relocating to the DC area in 2001, he opened Kingsbury Chocolates at 1017 King St in Alexandria, VA. This unique chocolate experience focuses on creating a blend of sumptuous & beautiful confections made fresh right on site. Everything is made in small batches by hand using fresh ingredients and imported chocolate. Many recipes have been based on the generations of chocolate connoisseurs in his family, these creations now infuse rich tradition with novel innovation. You can reach Kingsbury Chocolates via email: [email protected], or by phone: 703.548.2800/877.704.4179. His latest venture with co-owner Eric Nelson of Artfully Chocolate, is DC's first Cocoa Bar. ACKC is a combination of one part Cocoa Cafe, one part Confectionary, and one part Art Gallery. Guests have the opportunity to create their own beverage from 5 different types of chocolate with a multitude of flavor infusions. Wanting to add a fun, creative, and educational chocolate aspect to DC, Rob also offers classes and tastings. You can learn how to make ganache or simply enjoy a sampling of chocolate from around the world. ACKC Cocoa Bar is located at 1529c 14th St, Washington, DC. Their email is [email protected], and phone contact is 202.387.2626/888.758.6699.

    Hi, my name is Rob Kingsbury. I am with Kingsbury Chocolates and today we are making a chocolate pie. Right now, we are going to be starting off with the pie crust. So, first of all, we are going to using all-purpose flour followed by a little dash of sugar, some water, butter, shortening and a pinch of salt. First of all, we are going for in two and a half cups of all-purpose flour and a good thing about this recipe is that basically, you put everything in there at the same time except for the water and you are good to go. Alright, so that s the flour, putting in one tablespoon of sugar, not too sweet, this is just too nice enough. I like putting a little sugar in the flour versus just leaving it with salt adds a nice, sweet touch to it. Little pinch of salt and for our fats, I am doing a tablespoon of butter and I am doing three quarters of a cup of shortening. The shortening is a rough measure. On here, I am not exactly perfect about it, but I always lean a little on the side of more is better. So, a little more than that falls in there then I am okay with it. Alright, I just like to use it in my mixer versus my food processor. I think it works just as easy and it's a little easier when you are working with the mixer. In the food processor, the dough tends to clump up in the bottom and you need to always readjust it. This way, you are right there, you can just take your spatula; scoop it up with a little bit of the batter instead of having to take the whole machine apart. So, anyways, I am just going to turn it right on and just let it go. This is going to need to blend together for about 3 or 4 minutes. Alright, so right now, it s really pulled together, really, it looks great. It's a nice, crumbed mixture. I am just going to stop the machine, just want to make sure that we are getting everything including the bottom of this and it looks great actually. So, put it back on we will add in a third a cup of cold water and we add a little water just so it has a nice dough consistency because right now, it's a little too dry to work with and that looks great. So, I let that bond together a little bit, I am not going to over process the dough, because I don t want the dough to be tough. Alright, so the dough looks perfect, so this is great. It is a really nice consistency. I am making enough dough by the way, for a nine inch tart shell and the dough itself is actually going to be a little bit thicker than what you might be -- the norm, only because we are going to actually be taking the dough back out of the tart shell. This tart shell, it is a removable shell, so I want a little bit thicker so it s able to hold up the pie filling once we get it baked. So, we are going to take this right out and form a dough ball and let us start rolling it out. It is really quick and really easy and I actually do not encompass any of a chill time. A lot of times with a butter crust, you want to chill back your dough before you use it but with this recipe it can actually come straight out of the bowl and go right into actually getting it prepared.

    So, pat it out a little bit and instead of doing a floured surface which I like to avoid adding any more flour to the dough, it kind of toughens it up. I actually, just like to roll it out between two pieces of parchment paper. So, real easy, the other thing with the parchment paper is that you actually get to move the pie crust around on your counter top instead of actually you having to maybe rotate it and it also alleviates a lot of the mess that you get when you are using flour in your kitchen. So, as you can see, we have no extra flour flying around anywhere around here. It makes your overall clean up time a lot easier at the end of the day.

    Alright, so we are going to roll this out. Let us go and double check to make sure it s practically the same size as my tart shell which it is. Next, we are going to fit this in the tart shell and crump the edges.