How to Mix Basic Rocks Drinks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Joe Trujillo of the Hospitality Training Institute discusses how to set up your home bar for a standard party including tips on how to mix a basic rocks drink.

    Joe Trujillo: Hi, I am Joe Trujillo of the hospitality Training Institute and I am showing you how to setup your home bar for a holiday party. Right now, I am going to be discussing your basic rock drinks. Rock drinks are really simple. They are your simple one, two ingredient drinks that go in a rock glass. I mean, we are going over three basic ones, your Cape Cods, Cuba Libre and the Greyhound.

    First stuff is your Cape Cod. What you need for this is a rocks glass, mixing tin, Vodka, and Cranberry juice, and of course, ice. It's a simple drink so try not to make it too complicated. Take your glass, fill it up with ice. You can never have too much ice in the glass as the liquid will tend to melt most of it. So it is okay if it's overflowing. Put about three quarters of an ounce of liquor and then fill the rest of the glass up with cranberry juice. Pour the drink into your shaker, pour back into the glass. There you have it. It's now the standard Cape Cod, Vodka cranberry. Next I am going to show you how to make a Greyhound. You use the same tools as you did before, your tin and the rocks glass but the mixture is slightly different. You are going to be using grape fruit juice and vodka. As you did before, fill your rocks glass up to brim with ice, pour about three quarters away or a three quarters of an ounce with Vodka, and then top it up with your grape fruit juice. Pour it in to your tin, pour back, and there you go, your basic Greyhound.

    Last but not the least, I am going to show you how to make your Cuba Libre also known as the Rum & Coke. The only difference between the Cuba Libre and Rum & Coke is a lime wedge at the end. So if someone comes up to you and you don't have a lime wedge and they say, they want a Cuba Libre, don't panic, all it is, is a Rum & Coke. So you will use the exact same tools you have before, your tin, rocks glass but this time you'll be using Rum & Coke. As you did before, fill up your rocks glass to the brim with ice depending on how strong you want to make it, about three quarters of an ounce of Rum, fill the rest up with Coke. This part is optional, you can roll it or you can serve as it is. I typically try to roll it just so it's not, all the liquor is not floating down at the bottom but it's totally up to you. Garnish it with the lime wedge if applicable but serve as it is and there you go. Here is your Rum & Coke or Cuba Libre with the lime wedge. Next I'll be showing you how to make your standard Highball drinks.