How to Mount a Yo-Yo on a String and the Braintwister

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Yo-yo expert Dick Stohr demonstrates how to mount a yo-yo on a string and how to do the braintwister yo-yo trick.

    Dick Stohr

    Dick Stohr is That Yo-Yo Guy! He has been a full time yo-yo professional since 1997. He does the Spintastics all day teaching program Yo-Yo Fun & Science of Spin in elementary schools as well as libraries in the summer time in the Mid-Atlantic states. He also performs at parties, festivals, scout meetings, Trade Shows and other fun events. He has set six yo-yo World Records and has been a yo-yo contest judge at World, National, Regional, State and local contests since 1999. He started playing with yo-yos in elementary school in the 1950's. During High School and College it was not cool so he did not play much. Following a career in the US Navy and Navy Reserve plus positions of increasing responsibility in the civilian business world he quit his day job to become That Yo-Yo Guy. Any day that he gets to play with his yo-yos and other peoples kids must be a good day. Teaching the beginners has become his passion. He believes that kids are from 6 to 106 years old and all kids can have fun with a yo-yo if they get a good start and do not have to unlearn bad habits.

    Dick Stohr: Hi, I am Dick Stohr and I am that Yo-Yo Guy, and what we've been taking about is the basic throws in yo-yoing, the basic tricks in yo-yoing.

    Now, we are going to get a little more advanced. Actually, I am going to switch over to this shape of the yo-yo where I can do string tricks better. So, you might want to call this a wide gap. This is the Duncan Butterfly shape.

    So, what we are going to do now is get this good, firm, hard sleeper and then we are going to manipulate it while it's on the string. This happens to be a Ball Bearing Axle Yo-Yo, so it's going to allow me to do more sleep time and the wide gap here is going to allow me to put it back on the string and control it better.

    So, the first yo-yo trick that I am going to do is called Brain Twister. Throw it down, put it on the string, flip around like that, take it off and do dismount. We'll see that one again.

    Firm sleeper, put it on the string, flip it around, take it off, do the dismount. This is sort of a yo-yo trick that you want to think of the string links in halves. So, if I bring this string up and I put the yo-yo in the middle of this string back here, then I bring my hand around, so its in the middle of these strings here then I can flip it around and go like that and do brain twister very comfortably, just like that.

    That used to be actually a mid-level compulsory trick. When you got to the higher levels and you had compulsories then there was a trick called Atom Smasher. Now, this one, I don't put it on the string, I actually mount it from the bottom and then instead of flipping it on the string, I actually pass it over my finger from string to string.

    Watch! Bring it up, mount it from the bottom over that finger, over this finger, then take it around like this, go off and do the dismount. We'll do that again.

    From the bottom, over that finger, over this finger, then take it around like so, now, like this.

    Now, I am going to show you both of those yo-yo tricks from a side-view; the Brain Twister, you bring it up, put it in the middle of the string, put your hand in the middle of string, flip it around, take it off and do the dismount. Just like that.

    Atom Smasher mounts from the bottom over that finger, over this finger then take it around off like that and do the dismount.

    One more time, that's a more advanced yo-yo trick, and the reason I can do all of that is because I've moved to a Ball Bearing Axle Yo-Yo with a wide gap so that I can put the yo-yo back on the string and I can maneuver it on there. We've started with the basics, we've got into the point where we are now doing more advanced yo-yo tricks, more complicated tricks, it takes more practice but its a lot of fun. It really is a lot of fun.

    Next, we're going to show you a really, really interesting combination that will show you more of the things that can be done with a yo-yo and even on the same throw.