How To Mulch In Winter

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Gardener William Moss share his tips for mulching in the winter.

    William Moss: Winter doesn't mean the end of gardening chores, when the weather turns really cold that's when it's time to get out and mulch. Mulching is actually something that you want to do once the ground has begun to freeze. You are not trying to keep the place warm, what you are trying to do is to keep the ground a consistent temperature. You can mulch with a lot of different substances; woodchips, straw, leaves, all sorts of things, but I prefer to mulch with compost, because it does two things; it mulches, but it also feeds. Any mulch is going to feed as it decomposes, but compost is going to do it even better. And you want to take it and just spread it across your plants. Once you have got the mulch roughly in the garden, that's when you want to come through and spread it out and make sure that you are covering every space that needs to be covered. The leaves that you raked up this fall also make a great winter mulch. They will decompose in your garden and add a lot of nutrients for next year's crops. Straw is another great choice for winter mulch. So regardless of whether you are using straw, leaves, compost, or woodchips, you want a three inch layer on top of the soil, going into the winter mulch so that it will keep it nice and moderate as far as the temperature. Winter is the best time to mulch your garden, so it is ready to grow come spring. Get out and grow!