How to Obtain a Second Passport

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rich Mandleur explains how to obtain a second passport.v

    Rich Mandleur: Hi, My name is Rich Mandleur and today we're discussing how to obtain a passport. Right now, we're discussing how to apply for a second valid passport in addition to your current passport. In order to apply for a second passport you must prove that you have a need for the second passport. There are two reasons an applicant will be issued a second passport. Number one, if the applicant travels frequently and cannot be in the country to apply for foreign entry visas while traveling internationally.

    The second reason an applicant can may apply for a second valid passport is for reasons of security. For example, when entering a country that use a entry visa from another country as objectionable. Based upon the need of frequent international travel, most second valid passports are issued in an expedited basis and typically issued within 30 days.

    The following documents are needed in order to support your application for a second valid passport in addition to the application itself. You only have to submit your current passport, the letter of authorization, evidence of immediate travel, a check made payable to passport services in the amount of $135, two current passport photographs and in addition you will need to write a letter explaining why you are applying for a second valid passport. Be sure to mention the specific need for the second valid passport. This concludes our discussion on how to obtain a passport. I hope you would found the information useful in your travels.