How to Olympic Weightlift

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Strongman athlete Travis Ortmayer demonstrates the basics of Olympic Weightlifting.

    Travis Ortmayer: Hello, My name is Travis Ortmayer. I am with Athletic Nation Personal Training Gyms. I am here today to teach you some of the basics about Olympic Weightlifting, everything from how to get started to some of the things you will need as well as the two standard Olympic lifts, their accessory lifts and how to perform them with a proper form and technique. Some of the things you will need to get started are a barbell and a place to lift it. If you have plates that's just a bonus, but for now we are going to kind of stay with light weights, I am going to teach you the proper form and in fact a barbell enough but a lot of people start with just a broomstick. A couple of things to remember before getting started, is you want have a clear area to do your lifting so that you don't hit anybody with the bar as you are lifting it or dropping it, and another thing is you want to have a spotter or a buddy that can sit there work with you, watch your form and make sure your technique is proper. Now a little bit about me, I started lifting weights at the age of 12 years old, it's been about 15 years experience for me. Past few years I have been a personal trainer and the past four years I have a been a professional strongman on the International Circuit. I have been to the World Championships three times and I have qualified for my fourth World Championships by winning Madison Square Garden in New York. That's enough about me, let's get started, let's hit the weights. To watch the other segments in this video series or for how-to videos on almost any other topic, visit monkeysee.