How To Organize The Messiest Spots In Your Home

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Get organized with these great tips on how to de-clutter the messiest spots in your home.

    Allison Howard: From that junk drawer in the kitchen you try to ignore, to that closet you keep meaning to get to, we all have trouble spots in our home that could use a little help. Here are our top solutions to sort through the messiest spots in your home.

    Starting in the kitchen, use organizers with multiple sections in all your drawers to keep everything from your junk drawer, to your utensil drawer sorted.

    Next, take a look at how you store large items like platters, cookie sheets, and pot lids. If they are shifting around in a drawer somewhere, consider using a small tension rod to create division in your cabinets.

    Now, these taller items can be filed away and you can use the remaining space to stack your bulkier pots and mixing bowls.

    And when stacking delicate items like China, use paper towels between each dish to prevent chips.

    Moving into the bathroom, you might find that your medicine cabinet has become a dumping ground for all your products. Don't be fooled by its name, your medicine cabinet shouldn't actually hold any medicine or firs- aid supplies. The humidity isn't good for them. So, pull those out, and store in a linen closet or other cool dry place.

    For the rest of your bathroom essentials, create bins for each category and store under your sink.

    Finally, and probably most important, it's time to tackle your closets. While it can easily feel like you will never have enough room, there are some simple tips to expand your storage potential.

    Hang double rods, and get twice the space. You don't even need to install anything as they sell double rods that attach to your existing rod.

    But, it's not just clothes taking up space in your closet, stuff your purses with paper towels to keep them supported, and grab those shoes off the floor, and get them into some kind of system, whether it's storing and stacking them in clear boxes, or using an over the door organizer.

    With these simple tips, you will be on your way to a more organized home in no time.