How to Organize Tools

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bags, boxes and belts: Organize and protect your tools with these three great systems.

    Jeremy: Hi! I am Jeremy with Klein Tools. Today I am going to show you how to organize your tools.

    Tool organization is very important for electricians; it makes it faster and easier to find the right tool when you need it. In many ways it can keep tools protected and in good working order and not baying against each other in an open bag.

    There are three types of tool organization systems; boxes, belts and bags. Tool boxes are great for the workshop as well as in the field and come in metal or plastic. Many have a removable tool tray that helps to organize small parts and accessories. Some use slide-out trays or cantilever trays in lieu of the removable tool tray.

    Metal tool boxes which are typically made of steel, weigh more than plastic ones but are known for being stronger than plastic which will withstand more wear and tear. Tool belts are very portable but insufficient for storing a large number of tools. You could consider a toolbox or a bag for permanent storage and a tool-belt to take just what is needed for a job.

    They are used in locations where a worker needs access to more tools than he or she can carry or has no place to set tools down; such as working on a ladder, or hanging from a utility pole.

    Tool bags like this one from Klein Tools typically have pockets designed to hold specific tools. You can see here that this bag has special slots for things like, screwdrivers, pliers, or even drill bits. This is very important because tools will stay put and be better protected.

    Look for a bag that has enough pockets to hold your tools, both large and small as well as molded pockets in sturdy basis. Some bags even come with removable lights that help illuminate inside the bag or your workspace.

    Backpacks like this are also great options for portability and comfort, wont let you worry about the work and not your tools. You can find all of these tool organization options at any Big Box Home Improvement store, online retailer or your local trusted electrical distributor. Whether its boxes, belts, or bags, you will be sure to have the right tool for the job within arms reach.

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