How to Pack for Travel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video series will show how to pack for travel.

    Rhonda Baron: Hi! I am Rhonda Baron, President of Baron International LLC, home of the American Etiquette DVD and today you will be following me along, watching and learning, how to pack for travel. I will be showing you how to fold clothing using plastic so they will be wrinkle free upon you getting to your destination, I will show you the main articles for the suitcase, I will show you the main articles for the carry on and also your personal belongings that you should never leave your side while traveling.

    The tools that you will be needing are suitcase, carry on and a carry bag such as a purse or a carry sack which I called main bag. But in any case, these are the three main essential things you will need and along the way you will need this correct storage bags, plastic and plastic wrap.

    Safety is a big issue, when it comes to you and your traveling and one way to avoid problems is to make copies of special documents before you travel, that is, your drivers license, your major credit cards, any information as far as your tickets are concerned and also your passport. You want to leave these with somebody that you know very well back home in case you have to call back home and ask them for these numbers.

    Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a graduate of the Gold Wings Flight School for World Airways, hold a travel degree in tourism from the American Travel Institute and have a BS in Political Science, International Affairs from the University of South Florida. I have traveled the globe both for business and pleasure and so packing has got to be as easy as pie. I was employed for over 26 years in the airline and hotel hospitality industry and I am now the of Baron International LLC, which is the home of the American Etiquette DVD.

    A social graces know how and dos and don'ts which will get you started on your road to success. So let's get started.