How to Paint a Room

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mark Osbourne founder of Manor Works Painting discusses how to paint a room.

    Mark Osborne

    Mark Osborne is the owner and original founder of Manor Works Painting. After working his way through college running the painting operations of student-based companies, Mark went on to get an MBA in Entrepreneurship. While in school, Mark saw an unmet need by many homeowners. No company was offering year-round painting services in a consistent and professional manner. The idea behind Manor Works was born. In 1998, Mark started Manor Works on the principle of providing homeowners with consistent levels of quality on a year round basis. Over the last 10 years Mark has worked to build Manor Works into a full-service painting company servicing metropolitan Washington D.C. Mark intends to grow the company geographically and recently began an expansion into the North Carolina market. Mark continues to be interested in concepts he studied in school and is exploring the possibility of franchising and licensing.

    Hi! I am Mark Osbourne. I am the Founder of Manor Works Painting. Manor Works Painting is the largest residential only painting company in the Washington Metropolitan Area and we specialize in doing exterior and interior painting. We are celebrating our 10th year business this year and one of the neat things about Manor Works is that we offer complementary color consultations, where we come to you home and help you pick the right colors to transform you home into a show place. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about how to paint an interior room, in this case a bedroom. The first step before we get started is to talk a little bit about the tools that we are going to need to do this project. In this case, we are going to need some screwdrivers to remove things like electrical outlets and vents.

    We are going to need plastic to cover the furniture, blue painters tape to protect the coverings, and then some drop cloths to protect the floors from any paint splatter, but before we can do that, we are going to talk a little bit about safety. Safety is very important and this case we are going to be using some ladders at little bit later stage and it is important to review the safety manuals that are printed on the side of the ladders for proper setup and usage. We are also going to moving some heavy furniture and its important that care is taken, so that you dont strain your back when moving that furniture. The final thing we need to do when we are doing sanding and things of that nature, is to wear protective eye covering. So, with those safety procedures in mind, lets talk a little bit about what we need to do to get started and setting up the room for painting.