How To Paint Stripes On A Wall

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    David Radtke with Olympic Paints demonstrates how to paint decorative stripes on a wall.

    Male Speaker: Solid-colored walls may be the norm, but decorative stripes can add a level of fun or sophistication to any room. The first step is selecting your color palette.

    Try an online color visualizer to see how any color fits into your space as well as what coordinates best. With new technology you can preview all of your paint choices online before ever picking up a brush.

    Simply upload a photo of the room you would like to paint and with just a few clicks you can give your home a digital makeover and virtually bring it to life with hundreds of paint colors. Once you have determined your color choices, proper prep is key.

    Start by taping off the areas in the room that wont be painted, this includes baseboard trim, windows, doors and ceilings. Next, prep the wall that you will be painting. With a damp sponge wipe down the surface to remove any dust and then dry out with a soft cloth.

    Now it's time to measure for the stripes, consider the total area of the wall to determine how many stripes will fit. Stripes should be between 4 and 12 inches wide, a width of less than 4 inches will narrow and busy, more than 12 inches is too wide and heavy.

    Then, using a measuring tape mark a top and bottom lines for each stripe. Using a pencil in your level lightly mark where each stripe will go. It's very important to take your time here. Any mistake will be noticed once the paint goes up.

    After the pencil marks have been completed use painters tape to make a line outside of the area to be painted. Make sure to press firmly so the tape is secure to the wall and paint cant see through.

    To keep track of which stripe wont get painted stick a few pieces of tape inside as a reminder.

    Now that your stripes are taped off it's time to start painting. Choose a high quality interior paint and primer in one to avoid having to prime the area and to be painted. Using a roller create a W pattern and then fill it in without lifting it. This will ensure even coating on the entire stripe.

    Allow the paint to dry for about an hour and then apply a second coat. Let this coat dry for another hour and then remove the painters tape slowly, angle it away from the freshly painted areas as you pull. Dont let the second coat dry completely before removing the painters tape or the paint could peel off with it.

    Perfectly placed stripes add a unique finishing touch to nearly any room.

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