How To Parkour

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mark Toorock demonstrates the basics of parkour, including exercises and techniques.

    Mark Toorock: Hi, I am Mark Toorock from American Parkour. Today we are showing you how to do parkour. The first thing we are going to show you is landing and rolling. Weyon is going to do a landing. He is going to have his back arch, his chest up and you will notice that he lands on the balls of his feet. When you are landing with more momentum or from a greater height, you need to learn how to roll to greater absorb the impact. Skipper is going to do a roll. One thing you will notice is that he rolls from his shoulder to the opposite hip, this minimizes the amount of contact with the spine and also tucking the head protects the neck. What we are going to show you now is the precision jump. As Leon is jumping he is focusing on the railing, he is going to swing his arms forward before he does the jump. And then as he jumps he will pull them back in the air and then forward again for balance as he finishes the landing, catching on the balls of his feet and coming into the same squat position we did when we did a regular jump. What we are going to show you now is vaulting. As you run up you are going to take good confident steps, prepare yourself up, grab the rail, push yourself over, vaulting is one of the basic moves that you need to learn in order to overcome obstacles fluently. Now a couple of things to observe about this wall, I want the hips coming up high, this is crucial so that your feet clear the railing or obstacle that you are vaulting over. One of the best ways to do this is to get your head down. If your head is down it allows your body to come up behind you. The next move we are going to look at is called the speed vault. Jump early enough before the obstacle so that you jump at an angle, keeping a speed all the way through the movement. One thing that you will notice is that it takes off and lands from the same foot. The next move we are going to show you is called a Tic Tac. A Tic Tac is when you redirect your momentum off a wall or other obstacle. You want to lean away from the object a little bit, push up be sure in turn and lift your knees in the air, so that your face is in the direction of your travel. One thing you want to make sure of is that you get a low enough step that you can propel your momentum upward from there. What we are going to show you now is a wall run. So, you want to put your foot somewhere just above knee height, maybe about mid thigh height to start and you want good contact with the ball of your foot. The move we are going to show you now is called the cat leap. One of the most important thing about a cat leap is making sure that your feet hit the wall first to absorb the impact before your hands catch. You also want your hold your face back, so your face doesnt hit the top of the object or the wall that you are jumping to. Beside from that there is nothing you need except to go out and start training.