How to Pass a Driving Test

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Driving examiner Steve Williams demonstrates the proper techniques to pass a driving test.

    Steve Williams: My name is Steve Williams. I am with the National Driver Training Institute and I am going to show you how to pass the driving skills test. We will start with the preparations you need to make before the test then we will go into the beginning of the test and how you can adjust your seat and your mirrors to make yourself more comfortable. I will show you some advanced maneuvers that may or may not be on your driving skills test such as parallel parking and Three-point U turns.

    Then we'll conclude with what you need to do whether you pass or fail the test. In order to take the driving skills test you will need a valid permit and a vehicle. The safety considerations for the driving skills test are the same as safety considerations for when you are on the open road. Pay attention to the environment around you, obey traffic law, keep yourself and your passengers safe.

    I have been in the traffic safety industry for 12 years. I have done driving skills test for eight of those years and I have the gray hair to prove it. I am well qualified to show you everything you need to know to pass this test. So let's get started.