How To Peel An Orange

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jim Davis from Harris Teeter demonstrates how to peel oranges.

    Jim Davis: Hi! I'm Jim Davis for Harris Teeter. I'm going to show you how to peel an orange.

    First, we take these beautiful big navel oranges and we cut off the top and we cut off the bottom. Then we stand it up on that flat piece. We just take our knife. We run down just underneath white pith of the orange like that and all the way around. Then after I get all that cut off, we go back and take a very sharp chef's knife. We just trim off the pith that we missed as we were peeling our orange off.

    So this is how you peel an orange in an easy way. That gives you all the pith and the bitter parts of the orange. Up next, how to slice an orange.