How To Peel and Seed Mango

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Jim Davis for Harris Teeter shows us how to seed a mango.

    Jim Davis: Hi! Chef Jim Davis here. I am Going to show you now how to seed a mango. Mango seed is very large and it's dead center in the fruit in the oval shape. So we are going to take our knife right at the top and we are going to cut it at a slight angle until kind of pulled it down until we get to the seed. Now we pulling it on left against our -- the other direction. So that we put a right against the seed and you can see what we just scrape the edge of the seed.

    We will do the same thing on this side and we go down and I had to feel it around for to find out, where it is, then around it and there is our two mango halves, we will keep this and we are going to take this and cut it off, just like this because that's a good mango and we don't want to waste that and we take it this way.

    When I say it a big seed I mean a big seed. Now to cut the mango, carefully holding it in your hand, carefully cut it and you can feel it and you don't want to cut -- do not cut through the line, the peel of the mango because your hand is directly under there and turn this direction and then we are going to cut a cross hatch just like this and like this and then we just simply turn on like that.

    Then we can cut off, our individual pieces of mango, if we want to do it that way and that's how you peel and seed a mango.