How To Perform A Facial At Home

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    An expert from Ana Visage Day Spa demonstrates how to give yourself a facial at home.

    Laverne: Hi! This is Laverne with Ana Visage and today we are conducting a facial. First thing you want to do is sanitize your hands or if you are at home washing your face then, actually washing your hands will suffice. Next you are going to secure the hair back with a hair band or a pony tail holder. You know we are going to take our appropriate cleanser, sort of about a dine size amount on to your fingertips. And actually you can also read the product information for what you are using and they would recommend how much of the product you are going to use, because it differs with each product. I am actually going to use what we do in the skin care center, rub in the cleanser into the skin, make sure to get all areas, chin to nose, cheeks and your forehead, remove the cleanser, again getting all areas because you don't want to leave any of the cleanser or the film of cleanser on the skin because it does dry out the skin. We are using a fruit enzyme peel, we are going to put a bit into our fingertips and take your brush and dive it into your product and just apply it to the skin, making sure you cover all areas. So now we are going to massage in the product. Using circular motions we simply massage it in and you can wet your fingertips as often if it gets too tacky to work with and just work that into the skin so it helps the slop off the dead cells.

    Now we are going to be removing the bottom, working from bottom up, move your product, making sure to get everything off of the skin. Okay, now we have exfoliated the skin and we are going to be prepping the skin for masking. With this we are going to be using a little bit more than exfoliate because we do want to fully cover the skin, completely cover all areas. When applying the mask make sure you avoid the delicate eye area, once you are done applying then we are going to let it sit for about ten minutes and then remove it after ten minutes. To remove we place it over the neck area, fold it part up, get over the forehead, gently press so it helps to loosen up the mask and moisten it up so that it's easier to remove and placing your hands inside of it, you think it's sort of like gloves, you want to just gently remove the mask, making sure to get all areas. You can also go back and lift it up with these fringes or a splash of water will do.

    And right now we are on the toning portion of the facial. Spray into the air and let it fall gently on to the skin. And with your hands pat off the access. It's very important that you get a moisturizer specific for your skin type, because there are moisturizers that come with oil in it and you don't want to use that on an oily skin type, you would actually take a tissue and pat off access so that's to reduce the shine. Now we are going to be using a SPF 30, do little dots on the skin, rub in the rest, get it to neck, or actually in area that's exposed to the sun, you don't want to rub this in too much, because the purpose of sunscreen is to sit on the skin and that's it we are done with our facial.