How to Perform a One Legged Plank

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness experts Dennis Albright and Charlotte Hellhoff demonstrate how to perform a one legged plank.

    Charlotte Hellhoff: Hi, this is Charlotte and Michele from Performance Private Training in Colombia, Maryland. Michele and I am going to show you today how to perform a One-Legged Plank.

    So Michele come up in a regular plank position, making sure your elbows are positioned right underneath of your shoulders, making sure your abdominals are tight, very nice. Now Michele is going to lift her right leg up. This is definitely a harder way to perform a plank. Her hips are not rotated. Michelle you can show what it's not supposed to look like. Turn back, making sure you are keeping your abdominals tight, keeping that whole core tight. The core consists of your abdominals, your lower back and your glutes, very good. We are going to make it a little bit harder. You are going to take that leg out to the side and bring it in, very good. I can feel Michele working her obliques as well, which is right here on this side of your abdominals. Keep going, two more, very good. She is doing a great job and relax. Alright, now the left leg.

    So hold it, hold it and you can hold this position may be when you are starting for 20 seconds, 30 seconds and take it up as long as you can possibly can hold it. So make sure that your lower back is tight by holding your abdominals in, taking that leg out and in again, keep holding, making sure your abdominals are tight, you are not arching your lower back. Two more, excellent Michele. You can take your left leg down and release. Thank you, good job.

    In our next segment, Dennis and Michelle will show how to perform a side plank.