How to Perform a Plank with Feet on a Stability Ball

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness experts Dennis Albright and Charlotte Hellhoff demonstrate how to perform a plank with feet on a stability ball.

    Charlotte Hellhoff: Hi, this is Charlotte and Michelle from Performance Private Training in Columbia, Maryland. We are doing core exercises today. The one we are going to show you right now is a stability ball plank but Michelle is going to have her feet on the ball.

    So Michelle, take it away. She is going to roll herself out to about here, keeping her quads on the ball, keeping her abs tight. There you go, very good! Making sure that you are not arching your back, alright. To make this a little harder, she can roll herself out even a little bit more. Her shin is on the ball at this point, still keeping her abs and her whole body nice and straight and aligned. Making sure she is keeping her hands right underneath on her shoulders and also rolling herself out a little bit more here. Come on Michelle, good job! Now her feet are on the ball. Very good! This is definitely a harder way to perform a plank. It requires quite a bit of core strength. Excellent! Good job and relax!

    We are back again to show you how to perform something that's called a pike using the stability ball. Michelle is going to show you first a little modified version of it. So she is going to roll herself out, stopping right there, bringing her legs underneath her, still keeping her abs nice and tight, legs in and out, pushing back, also using her shoulders at this point. Very good! Now roll yourself out a little bit more Michelle. Very good, excellent! Bring those legs in, keeping your abs tight. Very good! As you can see, this is pretty staying this on your shoulders as well.

    Now roll yourself out a little bit more. She is going to have her feet on the ball this time, coming up in a V. This is more like a jack now, excellent. It requires a lot of core strength. She is doing great. One more time Michelle. Alright and relax, excellent job, good job.

    That's how you perform advanced moves on the stability ball. Next, we are going to stretching, so stand by.