How to Perform a Side Plank

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness experts Dennis Albright and Charlotte Hellhoff demonstrate how to perform a side plank.

    Dennis Albright: Hi, I am Dennis, this is Michele. We are from Performance Private Training in Colombia, Maryland. Today, we are going to talk about core training. What I am going to demonstrate is a side plank. What a side plank is different from a regular plank is; Michele come up on to your side, rotate your hips, making sure that everything is aligned, starting at the elbow, working your way up to the shoulders, making sure that the shoulders are nice and tight and you are not rotating forward. Coming down along, making sure that your hips are nice and straight. They are not dropping down. All the way down to the feet, making sure that they are flat, good. We are going to make sure that everything is staying tight. That the elbow stays aligned with the shoulder again. What we can do is also by raising the arm up, making sure that the palm is facing the feet, good.

    You do not want to let your hips sink. You want to stay nice and tight, strengthening the oblique muscles on the sides. She is now working on her left side. What we are going to do is drop the hips down and raising them up, good, crunching in the obliques, down and up. Again, making sure that your hips do not rotate forwards or backwards. You want to keep everything tight, feet staying on top, good, crunching, it in and relax.

    In our next segment, what I am going to do is talk about rotation in a plank position.