How to Perform Tricep Dips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal Trainer Charlotte Hellhoff demonstrates how to perform tricep dips.

    Charlotte Hellhoff: Hi! I am Charlotte and this is Cinda and we are from Performance Private Training. We are talking about how to get ready for swimsuit season, ladies. So Cinda here is going to show you how to do a triceps dip.

    Your triceps are in the back of your arm. Notice, how she is using her body weight. She is bending from the elbow and down, putting all the weight on her triceps. To make this a little easier, if you are not strong enough, bring your legs toward you, there you go, very good, excellent.

    If you feel like you need a little bit more challenge, you can do one leg on top the other. It definitely makes it more challenging. There you go, just keeping your abs nice and tight, wonderful form. Thank you Cinda, you can have a seat.

    You can also perform triceps dips with other tools, such as resistance bands. I want you standing on resistance band, pushing your arms back and forth. Making sure that your form is nice, abs are still nice and tight, back is straight.

    There is another way you can use your resistance bands by standing on it and pushing those bands over your head. This is a little bit harder, its a harder way of doing an exercise. Its definitely very satisfying, when you realize how strong you are. You are still keeping your abs nice and tight, making those bands, pushing them up over your head. If you have weights at home, you can pick up your weights. Also, either bring them over your head doing the same exercise as you were doing with the resistance bands, just making sure that your forearms are moving up and down, bending in your elbows; or as we were doing in the other resistance band exercise when we were doing push-backs. Triceps push-backs, this is what they are called.

    If you dont have weights at home, you can grab anything that weights a little bit, soup cans, water bottles, whatever you can find in a pantry. I will suggest that the repetitions for this, if you have never worked the triceps before, you would start with 8-10. You can take it up to 15 or 20 repetitions in a set of 3. You are really going to take these exercises to next stage, if you do them right.

    So this is how you perform triceps dips. Next, I am going to show you how to perform a row.