How to Perform with Showmanship

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cheerleading coach Sasha Correia provides advice on showmanship in a performance.

    Sasha Correia: Hi, my name is Sasha Correia and I have been a cheerleading coach for over ten years and today, I am teaching you how to be a cheerleader. Right now, we are going to go over showmanship and what thats all about and how it will help you perform your cheers. So when you have good showmanship basically of course, you are smiling when you doing your cheer and you really want to look at either the judges or the crowd depending on where you are cheering and you also want to show good spirit and enthusiasm and also part of your presence is you want to always make sure you are standing up straight and you have a good posture and also whenever you are standing like in between cheers or something, you want to be have showing good posture, having your arms tied at your sides and smiling.

    Also I want to talk about voice projection. An important part of being a cheerleader is being able to project your voice to the crowd and especially if you are trying out for a team. The judges are going to look for that as well. So another part is voice projection but also the way that you cheer. So let's take an example of the sideline cheer that I taught you. When you say the words Blue, gold and white defense, hold tight, you really want to try to chop your words and say them sharply and short instead of like. You really dont want to do like a singsong type of cheer like Blue, gold and white, defense, hold tight. Okay we dont want to be like lengthening out our words. You just want to keep them short and you want to be loud enough when you are projecting your voice.

    The other thing I want to talk about is prior to being a cheerleader is showing good school spirit if you are cheering for a school and you want to have a good attitude and that always helps of course, when you are being judged in the tryout as well. So the next thing we are going to talk about is I am going to take you through a tryout and I will give you some tryout tips.