How To Pick A Swimsuit For A Pear Shaped Body

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Joyful Gordo, Fit Specialist for SwimSpot, provides tips on selecting a swimsuit for a pear shaped body.

    Joyful Gordo: Hello! My name is Joyful Gordo, Fit Specialist for SwimSpot, here to offer you fit and style tips for the pear body shape.

    Suits with eye-catching details above the waist like a pop of color or sheik ruffles tend to lure the attention to the upper half and away from the trouble spot. When looking for bottoms, you want to something really simple that will visually slim your hips and thighs.

    This Next by Athena tankini top has a really fun pattern that brings the attention upward. It goes perfectly with these solid pulled over bottom that's set perfectly on the hip and provide extra coverage around the trouble spot area.

    To balance out your figure you can try sheik ruffle details and a wide neckline like this Luxe by Lisa Vogel tankini top. You want to stay clear away from thigh side bottoms since they tend to create unnecessary bulging, instead try a top side bottom for a sleeker option.

    And lastly this Nautica one piece has abstract print, a square neckline and fixed shoulder straps that will bring the attention upward and away from the hips.

    Again, when looking for suits for the pear body shape you want eye catching details above the waist to balance out your figure. These fit and style tips will help you find perfect fitting swimwear for the pear body shape.