How To Pick A Swimsuit For A Petite Body

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Shelby Harrison, Fit Specialist for SwimSpot, provides tips on selecting a swimsuit for a petite frame.

    Shelby Harrison: Hi I am Shelby Harrison, Fit Specialist for SwimSpot, here to share with you fit and style tips for you, the petite body type.

    When you are shopping for swimwear it's important to look for suits that offer strategic stripes elongated necklines and smaller prints that won't overwhelm your small frame.

    This first swimsuit by Reef offers both strategic stripes and the elongated neckline which will lengthen your torso. You can opt for this classic look by Ella Moss which is a triangle and tie side bikini, this swimsuit offers two looks in one with a reversible top.

    Lastly, this Luxe by Lisa Vogel Maillot offers an elongated neckline to lengthen out your torso and the shimmering fabric will leave you with an instant island glow.

    Keep these fit and style tips in mind the next time you're shopping for your dream vacation.