How To Pick A Swimsuit For An Apple Shaped Body

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Shelby Harrison, Fit Specialist for SwimSpot, provides tips on selecting a swimsuit for an apple shaped body.s

    Shelby Harrison: Hi I am Shelby Harrison, Fit Specialist for SwimSpot, here to share with you fit and style tips for the apple body shape.

    When you are shopping for swimwear look for options that offer side shearing, tummy control lining and a blousy silhouette. This first option by Athena is a bandini that offers a blousy silhouette to stylishly camouflage your mid section. This is a must have trend this season. Pair it with a simple sheared waist bottom for a look that's complete and flattering.

    This Athena one piece will give you a middle makeover. It's need with side shearing and tummy control lining that work together to slim and control your mid section. And this bright pop of color will draw the eye upward.

    This custom favorite by Luxe by Lisa Vogel lets you show off a little bit of skin while still giving you that blousy silhouette that will be camouflaging and stylish. Pair it with this seamless constructed tab side bottom that sits gently on the hips and won't dig in.

    With these fit and style tips you will be able to find the best fitting swimsuit for a apple body shape.