How To Plant A Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to plant a tree.

    William Moss: The single best thing you could do for your environment is to plant a tree. And tree planting is not just for all but the Earth Day, you can plant trees nearly year around and it's simple to do.

    Trees help us in so many ways. They clean the air, they filter our ground water, they provide habitat and support for local wildlife, they give shade and they cool the area in summer. It's like a giant AC, air purifier, wildlife habitat, all rowed up into one and most trees will do it for generations.

    Choosing a tree is often the toughest part of plating. Large shade trees need about 30 feet from a house or a building while smaller ornamental and fruit trees only need about 10 feet from mini structure. They fit into more spaces. Also you want to check to make sure you have enough light and make sure that your drainage is proper before choosing your tree.

    When starting to plant, you would need the shovels, mulch and some friends. Dig the hole twice as wide as the pot, but only as deep. Then you want to make sure that you've gently placed the tree into the hole, that filled by half, then really water heavily, then completely backfill, mulch in a donut ring and water heavily again.

    Now it's time to sit back and enjoy. You want to have a good time hangout with some friends and help out the earth, the community and yourself. Plant a tree, get out and grow!