How To Plant and Transplant Trees

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mike Galvin with the Tree Care Industry Association discusses the proper methods for planting and transplanting trees.

    Mike Galvin: Hi! I am Mike Galvin with the Tree Care Industry Association, and today we are going to be talking about proper tree planting and transplanting. We will begin with talking about digging the planting hole.

    When digging the planting hole, the soil at the bottom of the planting hole should remain undisturbed. The planning hole should be as deep as the root ball but it's important to note that the depth of the root ball should be measured by the trunk flare of the tree rather than by the top of the soil present in the root ball.

    If you will be having a tree transplanted on your property, please contact a qualified professional. There are industry standards for lifting the tree out of the ground as well as for installing the tree.

    Nursery stock can come in a number of different forms. One that you are probably quite familiar with is containerized stock, these are very small, portable and easy to carry and they normally look like little bucket or pot and that what you see at your common garden centers.

    A little bit bigger than those are Balled and Burlapped stock. You have dirt root ball that's covered with burlap twine and these can be significantly higher in caliper and you may need a bigger vehicle and maybe a few more arms to transport stock of this size.

    Nursery stock can also come as bareroot material. As the name implies it has no soil root ball. It's not readily available in the retail trade and you would only be able to have it installed by a commercial practitioner.

    Finally, trees spades are large pieces of mechanical equipment that are used to transplant large mature trees stock to give a finished look to the landscape.

    Planting and transplanting trees can greatly enhance the value, beauty and enjoyment of your property. If you follow the ANSI A300 standards for your tree installation project, you ensure their success.

    If you have any questions, please contact a qualified tree care industry professional to assist you with your tree care project.