How To Plant Container Perennials

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to plant perennials in containers.

    William Moss: Annuals are the only plants suited for potting, perennials can bring most of colorful flowers, and decorative foliage to containers. We're going to pot up some perennials that will look great year after year.

    Perennials are good choice for containers because they offer several different benefits. One, they have lots of fragrant flowers, secondly they have interested foliage. Things aren't always going to be in flower, but if you got interested and you need foliage that needs the containers going to look good even when the plants are out of flower.

    Once you've got your plants, then you need a container. So get you a nice, decorative container and it needs to have drainage holes in it. Second thing you want to get is something to sort of fill the bottom up. You don't need that much soil all the way down. So all that you do is use a filler, that way I won't have to use so much soil and so much dirt to fill it up. Now we got to add soil. Once you got your pot filled with your potting mix, now it's time to add your plants.

    And we're going to choose today to go with a big bright colorful mix. We're going to use the flax. So now we've got good balance with those two, but we need more color, so let's throw in a violet, and one thing that I always like to do when I'm potting up, is throw in an edible. Now I've got a beautiful flower combination here, but I still need that one more edible and I'm going to drop in a tomato here on the backside.

    As these guys start to fade away, my tomato will come up and fill the space, give me both colorful flowers and fruits that I can snack on all through the summer. Now that I've got him in, just a matter of putting in some more potting soil, give him a good soak in and you're finished.

    Perennials come back every year and with that beautiful flowers and foliage, they make great container plants. Get out and grow!